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R&D can be considered to be the "raw material" of Vernet's success. Since its inception, the company has indeed made innovation one of its top priorities for establishing itself as a leader in its sector. This commitment also involves complying with ever increasingly demanding standards (ASSE, NHS, EN, NF, KIWA, etc.), constantly changing laws and ever increasing demands for very high quality products.

Over the last 10 years, Vernet has increased its investment in R&D from 4.5% to 6% (of its turnover) and has increased its workforce from 16 to 50 engineers and technicians. These men and women design the products and solutions of tomorrow, with from 5 to 10 patents being filed each year. 75 patents are still active in Vernet's three business sectors.

"Our position as a market leader requires us to be ever more responsive, move quickly to anticipate our customers' problems and stay on the leading edge while are competitors are improving their performance. For this reason, we intend to reorganise our R&D as centres of expertise addressing specific issues. With this reorganisation, we are more than ever focusing on people in our R&D, in fostering dialogue between design, design offices, approval and laboratories. Our aim? Achieve faster development of new products incorporating new functions. We also intend to continue to build on a collaborative network including manufacturers, trade unions and organisations such as Oseo or AFNOR to support our customers locally in leading and managing change."

M Pellegrin, Head of Vernet R&D

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