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Vernet was the first company to create a wax-expansion thermostatic element. Since then, Vernet has confirmed its expertise and has become a global leader in the manufacturing of thermostatic elements. Its products allow thermal regulation to be almost infinitely repeated. Its offering, including a broad range of standard products, is the widest in the market. Its flexibility and responsiveness ensure short development times and custom-made solutions.

As a specialist in high-end products, renowned for their quality, Vernet also makes use of advanced production and quality assurance systems and continuously seeks to optimize its production tools to offer its customers the best possible quality at the best prices.

Vernet has also deployed an efficient supply chain that ensures reliable deliveries with the shortest possible lead times.

To design solutions specific to the applications of its customers, Vernet also leads innovative partnerships. Its R&D department designs, tests and approves the solutions developed in cooperation with their technical teams, in complete confidentiality.

To meet ever increasing demanding expectations and standards, Vernet guarantees the reliability, quality and performance of its products, and also provides a comprehensive range of services.

"Specialist in high-end products, renowned for their quality"

Vernet SAS

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